People with High Self-Esteem

People with high self-esteem are more likely to persist in the face of difficulties. Research shows that high self-esteem subjects will persist at a task significantly longer than low self-esteem subjects.

Smiling in the Rain
  • High self-esteem seeks the challenge and stimulation of worthwhile and demanding goals. Reaching such goals nurtures good self-esteem.
  • The higher our self-esteem, the better equipped we are to cope with troubles that arise in our personal lives or in our careers, the quicker we are to pick ourselves up after a fall and the more energy we have to begin anew (an extraordinarily high number of successful entrepreneurs have two or more bankruptcies in their past).
  • The higher our self-esteem, the more ambitious we tend to be, not necessarily in a career or financial sense, but in terms of what we hope to experience in life – emotionally, intellectually, creatively and spiritually.
  • The higher our self-esteem, the more urgent our desire to express ourselves. play craps live online
  • The higher our self-esteem, the more likely we are to form nourishing rather than toxic relationships.

People with high self-esteem are more likely to have honest, open and appropriate communications with others, because they believe their thoughts have value and are not afraid of clarity.

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