Bolstering Your Employees’ Self-Esteem

An organization whose employees operate at a high level of consciousness, self-acceptance, self-responsibility, self-assertiveness, personal integrity and purpose is one comprised of extraordinarily empowered human beings.

And while difficult to attain, these traits can be supported, encouraged and even developed by meeting certain workplace conditions:


  • PEOPLE FEEL SAFE: there is no fear of ridicule or punishment for admitting a mistake or uncertainty.
  • PEOPLE FEEL ACCEPTED: employees are treated with courtesy, encouraged to express their opinions and dealt with in a respectful manner.
  • PEOPLE FEEL CHALLENGED: employees are given assignments that excite, inspire, and test and stretch their abilities.
  • PEOPLE FEEL RECOGNIZED: individual talents and achievements are acknowledged, and extraordinary contributions are rewarded monetarily and non-monetarily.
  • PEOPLE RECEIVE CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK: employees are told how to improve performance in non-demeaning ways that stress positives rather than negatives.
  • PEOPLE SEE THAT INNOVATION IS EXPECTED OF THEM: employees see that their opinions are solicited and that brainstorming new ideas is encouraged.
  • PEOPLE ARE GIVEN EASY ACCESS TO INFORMATION: not only are employees given the information (and resources) they need to do their job properly, they are given information about the wider context in which they work – the goals and progress of the company – so that they can understand how their activities relate to the organization’s overall mission.
  • PEOPLE ARE GIVEN AUTHORITY APPROPRIATE TO WHAT THEY ARE ACCOUNTABLE FOR: employees are encouraged to take initiative, make decisions and exercise judgment.
  • PEOPLE ARE GIVEN CLEAR-CUT AND NON-CONTRADICTORY RULES AND GUIDELINES: employees have a clear understanding of what is permissible and what is expected of them.
  • PEOPLE ARE ENCOURAGED TO SOLVE AS MANY OF THEIR OWN PROBLEMS AS POSSIBLE: employees are expected (and empowered) to resolve their own issues rather than pass responsibility on to their superiors.
  • PEOPLE SEE THAT THEIR REWARDS FOR SUCCESSES ARE FAR GREATER THAN ANY PENALTIES FOR FAILURES: the company culture is one that encourages, rather than penalizes, its employees to take risks and express themselves.
  • PEOPLE ARE ENCOURAGED AND REWARDED FOR LEARNING: employees are encouraged to participate in internal and external courses and programs that will expand their knowledge and skills.
  • PEOPLE SEE A CONGRUENCE BETWEEN THEIR ORGANIZATION’S STATED MISSION AND THE ACTIONS AND BEHAVIORS OF ITS LEADERS: employees see their higher-ups exhibit integrity and are motivated to match what they see.
  • PEOPLE EXPERIENCE BEING TREATED FAIRLY AND JUSTLY: employees perceive the workplace as a rational universe they can trust.

All of these conditions work in concert to bolster self-esteem among employees.  To the extent that these conditions are met within an organization, self-esteem will rise.

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