Self-Esteem in Children

High Self-Esteem Kid

Evolving into an independent, self-respecting person is the primary human task.  Yet it is also the primary challenge, because success is not guaranteed.  At any step of the way, the process can be interrupted, frustrated, blocked, or sidetracked, so that the human individual is fragmented, split, alienated, stuck at one level or another of mental or emotional maturity. It is not difficult to observe that most people are stranded somewhere along this path of development.

The journey toward a healthy sense of self-esteem is fraught with obstacles and pitfalls, particularly during the developmental stage of our lives.  As such, parents take on a critical role in the self-esteem of their children.  We cannot “give” a child self-esteem, but we can raise them in a manner that will encourage (rather than undermine) their journey toward healthy self-esteem.